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Upcoming Classes & Events:

  • December Vacation: Dec 26-30 Monday-Friday 8am-3pm CALL NOW!  Limited seats available!
  • February Vacation Class: Feb 20-24 Monday-Friday 8am-3pm 
  • April Vacation Class: Apl 17-21 Monday-Friday 8am-3pm 
  • June TBD
  • July TBD
  • Check the Calendar for more dates!
Online registration is available with $250 minimum deposit.  Online calendar of Driving lessons is available upon final payment.  We will find you a lesson.  No Charge for Home-Pickup (within a 10 minute radius of us)!

We are looking for a quality instructor, inquire at office@letsdrive.us

Driver Education for All:  Teens – Adults – Seniors

Pickwick Driver Education is a RMV Certified Driving School serving the greater Amesbury area. We are dedicated to providing our students with a high quality of drivers education in a safe and professional environment. For their families, we provide a convenient experience, transparent prices, and flexible billing. Starting January 1st, we are increasing our fees to $800.00.  This will allow us to give more additional lessons and refreshers before the road test.  Also, starting January 1st, we will not be charging the a sponsorship fee for the first two road tests.  That’s right, we stand behind our teaching!  Should your student fail his first road test, we waive our sponsorship fee on the second one!

Since 1996, Allen Pickwick has educated a diverse group of students for the Class D license. He despised the idea of companies that nickeled and dimed parents. He wanted to focus on the students’ education, not additional collection or billing. And that’s what we do! We value understanding where they are and we guide them towards achievable goals, nurturing their potential and encouraging them to go above and beyond. We provide each student with flexible, innovative, and defensive drivers education, stemming from Mr. Pickwick’s 30 years of teaching special education.

Ready?  Lets Drive!

Serving The Greater Amesbury Area Including: Amesbury, Merrimac, West Newbury, Newburyport, & Salisbury
See our class schedule for dates and times, or contact us for more information!

Recent course evaluation comments: 

I wanted to let you both know that my son Chris took his road test yesterday and passed!  Allison, the lesson and information you gave him on Tuesday was invaluable.  You gave him the information and confidence he needed, and all went very well.  You are a truly superb teacher.  We can’t thank you enough.” – 3/3/16

    “Alison thanks again for the refresher driving lesson for Simon it
really helped and gave him the confidence to past the test. It really
shows how good a teacher you are since both Jacob and Simon passed the
first try. See you in a couple of years when my youngest son goes to
driving school.” – 11/20/15

“You guys are the best!” – 1/27/15

    “You have been so understanding and patient with my daughter, and with me.  I feel like you treated me like family.  God bless you!” – 11/13/14

     “I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience.” – 5/29/14

     “The background knowledge & stories that the teachers shared with us helped me enjoy the class and gave me a sense of what driving is really like.” 

     “The course was fun, and we got to do many hands on activities.”

     “Our family appreciates your excellent school.”

My son has attended two other schools prior to coming to Pickwick, he learned more in the twelve hours driving with (Mr. Pickwick and Alison) than he did in the 48 hour of instruction at those other schools.

     “I’m going to miss driver ed with Chief”

Give us a call at (978) 792-5235

When leaving a voice mail please make sure to speak slowly and clearly, repeat your phone number for me.  If it’s too fast I can’t call you back because I do not know the phone number and or the client name.

Via Email at: Office@LetsDrive.us
Our office and classroom is located at 19 Macy Street, Amesbury, MA
Easily Accessible: Right off Route 110 & I-95!
Our office hours are 
by appointment.
We are open Monday thru Saturday from 8am-5pm (or till close) for classes or driving lessons.  Our office hours are 10am to 1pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 4pm to 7pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or by appointment.

We do home pickups for Amesbury, Salisbury, Newburyport, West Newbury, and Merrimac.  For Towns other than those listed above, we may require student pick up and drop off at the office.  Please note that if your student has 3 missed lessons, we reserve the right to request pick up at the office.

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